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About Attorney Valeria

Attorney Personally Handles All Aspects of Case

Over 10 Years Experience

  • Former Prosecutor
  • Representation in Immigration  Court
  • US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • Board of Immigration Appeals 
  • State of Florida Courts 
  • National Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

Accepting Cases For:

  • Sports Visas (Extraordinary Athletes) 
  • Domestic Violence by US Citizen/Resident Spouse
  • US Citizen Child Serious Medical Conditions
  • Unlawful Presences Waivers (601A)
  • Victim of Crime Visa
  • Special Immigrant Juvenile (SIJS)
  • Bond Motions Before Immigration Court
  • Cases Before USCIS 
  • Divorce (Spouse Living Abroad) 
  • Traffic Citations 

Complete Case Preparation

Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor reviews medical records in case preparation 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Social Worker provides mental health assessments and therapy sessions for case submission 

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